Making impactful online collaboration a reality.

From virtual events to hybrid organisations

ImpactBasis team
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ImpactBasis has a mission:

Making impactful collaboration in the online space a reality. 

We help social purpose organisations to create online spaces that bring people together, grow their online communities, generate brilliant strategies and tactics that produce change.

About us.

We think building genuine connections that bind us together, and doing it in a way that doesn’t damage our health or our environment, is the key to unlocking change.

We co-design, project manage, facilitate and produce genuinely engaging, impactful online interactions, from team conversations to large virtual events. We then work with the wider organisation to make online collaboration part of the organisational DNA.

ImpactBasis Team

Our services.

Our unique pathway will help you transform your events, your team, and your organisation.

We collaborate with you in three key ways:

Virtual Events & Workshop

Virtual Events & Workshops

Co-create amazing virtual events!

We collaborate with you to design and run highly collaborative and effective large group virtual events, conferences or workshops. We can provide all the elements for success: project management, design, facilitation and production of the event.

Remote Consulting & Training

Get remote teams and interactions buzzing!

Get support to build remote teams that really collaborate. Through bespoke consulting and training we help your team to develop the tools and skills to do incredible work and generate outcomes.

Remote Consulting & Training
Online Leadership & Coaching

Online Leadership & Coaching

Build adaptive hybrid organisations!

Scale the adaptive leadership skills you need to become a hybrid organisation, ready to respond to the ambiguity of building change online in a complex world.

And from the leadership, build more self managing teams that can work in a much more hybrid world.

Our clients.

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People with purpose.

We are a deeply skilled team with diverse backgrounds. Individually or together, we knock it out of the park.

Matt Barnaby

“Facilitating great conversations between teams that are driving change through the world is what gets me up in the morning!”

Matt Barnaby

Katharina Schaal-Mulacek

“Online collaboration has the power to totally change the way we work. I’m passionate about using state of the art technology to make virtual events even better than in person.”

Katharina Schaal-Mulacek

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