Get remote teams and interactions buzzing!

Remote Consulting & Training.

Build your team’s to collaborate and build change remotely.

Remote Consulting & Training

Events are often just the starting point. Doing at least part of your work remotely is here to stay. Increasingly, organisations recognise that virtual collaboration can’t stop once the event finishes.

We have the capabilities and expertise to help you, your team and your whole organisation develop the skills and agility needed to handle messy, complex problems online. 

Whether you’re developing your capacity for remote work, integrating new technology into your practices, becoming more agile and self-organising, or all of the above, we have a toolkit like no other to help you dig to the root of your problem and reach the best possible outcome. Our aim as remote consultants is always to help organisations develop to the point where our support is no longer necessary.

And to get there fast. When we run training and workshops we bring together the team of people involved in the challenge we’re trying to solve. We help them break down their problem and fundamentally redesign their work to solve it. Many of our clients tell us they accomplish more in a week with our support than they would have in six months without it.

Get your remote teams and interactions buzzing!


Contact our Principle Consultant:

Rebecca Hill

You introduced us to a new way of conferencing and supported us through each new step. Your “can do” attitude was greatly appreciated. Thanks for making it a success.

Judi Fairhold, Canadian Red Cross

We are thrilled with the feedback we have received from participants and speakers. We would highly recommend them – as a team they are professional yet human and great to team with!

Rana Adib, REN21

The collaboration with Impact Basis has enabled us to create an interactive and engaging event in the virtual sphere…Through the format and wonderful facilitation, lively discussion was possible and great outcomes generated

Naemie Dubbels, The Global Renewables Congress’ Secretariat.

A number of organisations have benefited from our expertise to develop their remote work and organisational agility.

Now your remote team is buzzing from great online collaboration. Scale that capacity to lead online and become a hybrid organisation. 

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